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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Grain Free Coconut Flour Carrot Cake, and a New Product Review!

This post is a recipe re-make of sorts, and my very first product review, all at the same time! A few weeks back, at the Fall CHFA show (Health Food Trade Show) one of my favourite Demo-reps-turned-sales-rep Deb introduced me to the VP of St. Francis Herb Farm. This company, from Eastern Ontario, has an amazing product line up, I have been a fan for years. Deb mentioned my blog to him and he ended up giving me a bottle of their new Coconut Oil & Butter Ghee Cooking Sprays to try out. I had already been ogling it, being a fan of their Butter Ghee and Coconut Oil Butter Ghee already, this spray caught my eye right away. Having given up the aerosol oil sprays years ago, I have been using the old school method of greasing pans, using a gob of butter and a paper towel, or my silicone basting brush with decent results, albeit messy! But, I have missed the tidy convenience of the spray, and I was thrilled to test drive this virtuous and healthy spray. Butter Ghee and Coconut Oil have amazing health benefits, and this product combines them in a super convenient spray with no unhealthy aerosols or propellants, a definite bonus!
I have been promising to make my hubbie a carrot cake, and it was the perfect test run for the Coconut Oil and Butter Ghee Spray. I am pleased to say it did not disappoint! The carrot cakes popped right out of the pan after a quick run around with a knife, with alot less fuss and muss than the paper towel/butter method. (I did line my pans with a piece of parchment on the bottom, a bit of extra insurance that I would have used with plain old butter as well!) I am impressed and look forward to trying many more things with this spray!

For the hubbie-promised carrot cake, I used my tried and true Grain Free Coconut Flour Carrot Cake Muffin recipe, and simply doubled it. I baked it in two greased and lined 8 inch round pans, for 50 minutes at 375F. (note the increased temp and time from the muffin recipe!) For the icing, I used 2 tubs of Western plain creme cheese, and added 2 tbsp of Cocovie Vanilla Coconut Jam, and 2 Tbsp of coconut sugar, blended well in my stand mixer. The cake was amazing, to say the least, a definite keeper!

The first slice, just waiting for a fork!

Ready to bake!

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