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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Grain Free Cherry Coconut Zucchini Loaf

Anyone who follows me on my Facebook recipe page will know that I am in the midst of being inundated by zucchini. It is the season that all gardeners love to hate, and I am no different. Two zucchini plants keep us in zucchini for a good chunk of the summer and into the fall. But they grow like crazy!!! One minute you have beautiful tiny little zucchinis, and the next minute you have these gargantuan beasts that resemble watermelons more than the summer squash they are. I have no idea how they actually accomplish these spectacular feats of growth overnight, but it really is kind of amazing.

They really are delicious, too, and I have been going crazy pinning zucchini recipes on my Pinterest page. From sweet to savory, (and even a soup recipe!) I cannot wait to try out some new recipes.
I made this zucchini loaf today, and it turned out quite tasty. The sour cherries add a lovely zing of flavour to this moist grain free loaf. It was a great use for one of the smaller of the 6 (!!!) zucchinis that I pulled from the garden yesterday.

 A slice of this loaf would be lovely to have with a nice cup of tea on the patio…now I just need to find the time to sit and relax!

Grain Free Cherry Coconut Zucchini Loaf

4 eggs
1 T Apple cider vinegar (I like this one!)
1 cup milk kefir (or yogurt or non-dairy substitute of choice)
1/3 cup coconut oil, softened
½ cup coconut flour
¼ cup arrowroot flour
This sized zucchini grated into
 a generous 1 1/2 cups
2 Tbsp chickpea flour
1 tsp baking soda
½ cup coconut sugar
1 tsp vanilla powder (or 2 tsp vanilla extract)
¾ tsp sea salt
1 ½ tsp cinnamon
1 ½ cups grated zucchini (mine was a very generous cup and a half!!)
½ cup dried sour cherries (sub raisins or dried cranberries if you wish)
½ cup shredded coconut

Preheat oven to 375F. Line a loaf pan (mine measures 9.25x5.25x2.75) with parchment or grease well.
 Set aside.

Measure all ingredients EXCEPT the add-ins into a large mixing bowl. Blend together well with an immersion blender or a whisk and lots of elbow grease. Let stand 5 minutes to thicken up.

Grate zucchini with a regular sized grater
Place grated zucchini on a clean kitchen towel, and gather the top together

 and squeeze out as much moisture as you can.


Add squeezed zucchini, coconut and dried cherries to the batter and mix in until well distributed.
Scrape batter into prepared pan. 

Bake in preheated oven for 65-70 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.
Remove loaf from pan using parchment, and set on a wire rack to cool before slicing.

Store leftovers in refrigerator or freezer. 

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Light and Lemony Poppy Seed Dressing

This simple dressing goes together in the blink of an eye, and is perfect for any light summer salad. It will keep in your fridge for up to a week with no problem. 

Light and Lemony Poppy Seed Dressing

½ cup olive oil
2 Tbsp raw apple cider vinegar
Juice of 1 Lemon
2 Tbsp Maple syrup
1 tsp Herbamare or sea salt
2 Tbsp poppy seeds

Measure all ingredients into a 2 cup mason jar. Screw on Metal lid, shake well, and use on salad of choice. 

Pictured on fresh garden lettuce and baby
kale, avocado and tomato

Pictured on a quick salad of grapefruit, avocado
and chiffonade-ed basil. A quick and tasty lunch!

How to "chiffonade" basil: 
stack basil leaves in a pile...

roll them up like a cigar
as best you can...
thinly slice with knife, ta da! Basil Chiffonade!