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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Roasted Tomato Confit with Thyme

 A few weeks back, I wrote a note about the grain free zucchini pancakes that I made for a quick lunch one day, and waxed a little poetic on what else they would be good topped with. Well, I came up with a beautiful tomato confit, roasted with sprigs of thyme, that was AMAZING on the pancakes. So good that I am making another batch tonight, because I think it will be just as amazing with our with our bbq’d chicken thighs tonight!

The recipe is a bit shy on measurements, it is one of what I call my scoop and dump recipes, but it is pretty easy, and this gives you a general idea.

Fill your pan (whatever size you wish) with halved or quartered tomatoes in a single layer. Quarter a few cloves of garlic, and add them to the pan. Take some fresh thyme sprigs and nestle them in among the tomatoes, and give a few grinds of sea salt and black pepper. Follow this with a healthy drizzle of olive oil (I usually do not cook with olive oil, but the heat for these tomatoes is not crazy high, and the flavour really marries well with the tomatoes)
Place in a preheated 300 F oven, for about an hour. You will know they are done when the tomatoes have released a lot of their juices, and they are just starting to brown on the edges. 

Remove the thyme sprigs before serving, as the stems are woody.
Serve warm or cold. Enjoy!!

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